biking | Roadbike trip to Bad Tölz

If you prefer biking to hiking or need some change from time to time, Munich is a wonderful place for that as well. Last Sunday I did my first tour with my new roadbike and went to Bad Tölz, which is a very pretty place 60 km south of Munich, with a picturesque old town,  situated right at the Isar.

Going to Bad Tölz from Munich takes about 3,5 hours by bike. There are several ways to get to Bad Tölz, they all start with nice ride through Perlacher Forst. At some parts you will have to drive on the road as well.

Bad Tölz is a very good place to spend a couple of hours to walk around the old town, hold your feet into the Isar, have an ice cream. For the way back to Munich you can choose to go back by bike as well or alternatively you can take the train which takes less than an hour.

Have a nice ride!

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