berlin | Exploring Spreewald by bike

I have been in Berlin a couple of times already, but this time for the first time I took my bike with me. I didn’t know what to expect from Berlin biking wise, so I didn’t really expect anything. I planned to do some rides right from the city center to the suburbs, parks and lakes, but a local guy I met there recommended to rather leave the city and start the trips from some places around Berlin.

Very good idea, so I found that quite a common place to go from Berlin is the Spreewald area. The only thing I knew about Spreewald before was that pickles are coming from this place. I have to admit, it is far more than that.

My tour started from Lübben in the heart of Spreewald, a train took me there within an hour (check out BVG app for the ideal connection). What I found there was perfect biking conditions and lots of nature. Flat roads, few cars, fields and grassland as far as the eye can reach. I rode along the Spree river, through forests, an outdoor museum, an old windmill and there were also quite a few nice places for a little rest along the way. You can find the route details here.

If you like kayaking, Spreewald is a perfect place for that as well. There is so many places to hire a kayak to go along the Spree branches – spending a day in Spreewald really feels like holidays. So next time you are in Berlin, grap your bike and head off to Spreewald – it’s worth it!


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