berlin | Riding along the water

Spreewald is south of Berlin – when you go the opposite way up north, you will come to Havelland, which is also an amazing place for long and extensive bike trips. The route I chose went along lots of lakes, which was especially nice with the warm weather. I took a small rest at nearly every lake that came along, laying in the grass or on the base, starring at the sky watching the clouds passing by, it was wonderfully relaxing.

The lake I liked best was Stechlinsee. If you go there, take a bikini and a towel with you, it is really worth a litte break with a refreshing dip into the lake.

My tour started from and ended in Fürstenberg, which is also very easy to reach by train from Berlin. You can find the whole route here. The ride alone took about four hours, but with all the pretty little stops on the way it should rather be planned as a daytrip.

Next weekend is coming – so take your bike and your bikini and enjoy the ride 🙂



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