cooking | Mediterranean eggs

Here I’ve got a very nice and summery food idea for you that you can use in many different ways: as some finger food for your friends‘ (or your own) party, as a starter dish, a snack in between, for lunch, dinner or brunch… there is so many ways to eat this delicious food! Before I lift the curtain, there is one more thing you have to know – be prepared for being beamed back in the sixties – it used to be a very famous dish at that time. Welcome back to the filled egg! For mediterranean style filled eggs, this is your recipe:

  • as many eggs as you like
  • surimi sticks (for five eggs, you need two sticks)
  • pink salmon paste
  • green olives with anchovy filling (traditionally from Spain)
  • buttermilk (as a replacement for mayonnaise)
  • spices

First you boil the eggs hard for about 10 minutes, then quench them in cold water, so they are easier to peel. Cut each egg into half and try to do it in a way that the yellow part is bisected as well. Take a spoon and pull the yellow part out of the egg, into a bowl. Cut the surimi sticks in very small pieces and add it to the bowl. Add the salmon paste and a bit of buttermild and mix it up, so that it becomes a creamy paste. Put salt and pepper and other spices if you like. Now put the paste into the egg white half and add a olive on top. Arrange the eggs nicely and enjoy!

Mediterranean eggs are not just variable in terms of when to eat them, but also in how to fill them! Instead surimi you can add tuna or salmon, instead of buttermilk you can use mayonnaise… there are no limits to your creativity!


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